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Why Trending Angler?
The reason for the concept

Actually, Trending Angler came from a simple question--shouldn't there be an app for fishing?
Well, although the App Store is certainly afforded with apps that can help the angler on the quest for fish, our idea to incorporate extensive details on both the tackle and geography came after taking our question and actually asking other fisherman how they used information to help them fish.
We asked why they fished, what factored into the location, time, and equipment. We made our inquiry into the details on how fishermen interact with each other. We asked what they thought affected their fishing success.

The end result became Trending Angler. In fact, we were surprised at the ideas that grew from simply asking some questions. We believe that our app willl benefit anglers everywhere.

Lets face it. Here at Little Leaf Apps, we are developers. We work with computers. We draw graphics. We design websites. Frankly, fishing is not the primary pastime. But through our commitment to clean, comfortable, and capable tools, we think we can provide the key app you have been looking for. And we are always looking to improve.

Should you have an idea you would like to share, please contact us at You can also contact our support line at for any questions on reliability and issue reporting.