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First, we want to mention that while we have done our best to make Trending Angler the best out there, we have to say that the Trends may not indicate Causality. In statistical terms, the dataset--your catches and the details associated with them--generally follow a normal distribution, and we will use this to try to give you an idea of how closely your data seems to correlate with your fishing success. However due to the many factors inherent in fishing, it can be difficult to tell whether one detail, such as the ambiant temperature, is actually affecting the number or size of fish you catch.
Because of this we cannot guarantee that one attribute causes another. In other words, we cannot say that a certain temperature causes you to catch more fish. Consider this: the number of cars driving over a bridge may correspond with the number of fish you catch near the bridge. But do the cars cause the catches? Not likely.
However, we have included details that have long been considered related (correlated) to fishing, and some that we wanted to provide so you can consider for yourself whether they are in a causal relationship.
Overall, our goal has been to provide you with tools to help you remember and analyze your angling experience and benefit from that record.

Privacy Policy

We would also like to point out a few things about how we handle your information.
Trending Angler, in order to enable catch features, and the Friends Feature, request's permission to use your location. Our app only uses this to pinpoint the location of your catches and to request weather and solar information pertaining to your current position, as well as posting your current location (while you are logged into your account) so that only your Trusted Friends can see when and where you are fishing. By creating a user account with Trending Angler and utilizing the Friends Feature, you agree to release Trending Angler and LittleLeafApps from any claim, past, present, or future in regards to your location, username, and related information. The Friends Feature has been included to enhance your fishing experience. Trending Angler reserves the right to limit, remove, or adjust the feature at any time.

Finally, we would like to mention that any information you may send us via email, will be considered private to you and only be used to improve the app or to contact you directly for issue resolution.
In other words, your email will be used only to 1) Answer emails you send us, or 2) Provide you with information on Trending Angler features and products should you request this information and 3) Directly improve the app.